In the 15th Century a man stopped at the Island. The land and water was harsh and the weather was cold. His reason for being there is unknow but it is speculated that he was making an offering to gain good fortune at sea. He inscribed the date and the name of his boat onto the red granite facade of the Island. The following 200 years others did the same as it was said to always work. The protaganists of the Island were women who used to go there to have meetings, making some kind of rituals and later they became known as 'witches'.

After the witch hunt the island was silenced and the women dispersed. What is left are the inscriptions on the red granite facade, an altar that can be found deep inside a rock at the midst of the Island, a labyrinth and the curse.

The curse targets people taking stones from the Island and the curse can only be lifted off by a returning the stolen stones.

In 1988 I went there the first time. I was looking for some traces. It was said that Sig-Britt, Christine and Siw was three sisters with extraordinary powers and that used to initiate those meetings.




February 2015: Yesterday I met Siw. Not by coincidence. I have no idea of how old she is- but she is for sure the Last Woman.  She has agreed to tell me the story that has compelled me for over 27 years. She told me that such a story is hard to tell in words as language defines the world to quickly and stops any potential progression. I was told to bring a dancer, an instrument of my choice, a bucket and an abacus. I was made aware that such a story will not go without an exchange.